Inaugural Cohort of Board Directors Emeritus Elected to Allentown School District Foundation

Inaugural Cohort of Board Directors Emeritus Elected to Allentown School District Foundation
Posted on 06/13/2022
For the first time ever, the Allentown School District Foundation (ASDF) elected Board Directors Emeritus. Emeritus status is conveyed upon former board members who have completed at least one full board term and who have made significant contributions of service to the Board. Board Directors Emeritus shall serve as ambassadors, representing the Board and what the Board stands for; yet serve only in an advisory capacity, and shall not be entitled to vote or to hold office.
The first honorees to receive Emeritus status are: Dr. Dennis Blankowitsch, Barry Halper, Anthony Muir, Esq., Debora Roberson, and Dr. John Stevens.

Dr. Blankowitsch was on the Foundation board from 2014-2021 and served as the Co-Chair of the Teacher Innovation Grant (TIG) Committee. A retired ASD teacher and administrator, Dr. Blankowitsch continues to participate on the TIG and Planning and Programming Committees. He also works with the Liberty Bell Museum to design and deliver civic education programming to ASD students.

Mr. Barry Halper was the ASD Foundation’s first president, and he served on the board of directors from 2009-2016. He currently volunteers on the Planning and Programming Committee and has been instrumental in helping to assess the impacts of ASDF initiatives.

Mr. Anthony Muir served on the ASDF board from 2013-2020. Tony served as vice president and chaired the Governance Committee. He also provides guidance on legal issues and has been a staunch supporter of the Literacy Volunteer Program. 

Ms. Debora Roberson served as the Foundation's second president. She is credited for the creation and growth of the High Notes Gala, she sustains the student notecards and prints project, and has been unwavering in her commitment to promoting student artists and their work. Debora served on the Foundation board from 2009-2017. 

Dr. John Stevens served on the Foundation board from 2014-2021. During his tenure, he served as Development Committee Chair and was also on the Scholarship, Strategic Planning, and Middle School Transformation committees. Along with his wife, Anita, Dr. Stevens created a scholarship for graduating seniors and has supported countless programs through the Foundation. 

"Not only does this inaugural cohort of Board DIrectors Emeritus collectively bring a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to the table, but they also have a passion for service. Thus, we are confident that they will be excellent ambassadors for the ASDF," said The Honorable Rashid Santiago, ASDF Governance Committee Chairperson.
The status of Board Director Emeritus is reserved for those who have made significant contributions of talent, treasure and/or time to the Foundation. The honorees in this inaugural cohort have done all three in their commitment to improve the lives of Allentown School District students.

About the Allentown School District Foundation
With a vision for enriched education for Allentown School District students, the ASD Foundation mission is to encourage, promote, support, and fund positive educational experiences for students in the Allentown School District. Since its founding in 2009, the Foundation has raised over $7.5 million for supplemental programming and services in ASD schools. If you would like to learn more, please contact the Foundation’s executive director, Julie Ambrose, Ph.D., at 484-765-4093 or [email protected]. The mailing address is 31 South Penn Street, Allentown, PA 18102, and the website is