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In 2016-2017, the Allentown School District Foundation directly impacted more than 5,000 Allentown School District students with its mission to support innovative, enriched programming. In 2017-2018, program participation increased to involvement by more than 9,000 students. Here are highlights:

Elementary Programs

With students representing over 50 countries, learning English early is a priority. The ASDF is recruiting volunteer readers to support the district’s Kindergarten Reading Program.  With background checks and a little training, 71 volunteers helped make a positive, statistical difference this year. If interested in reading an hour per week to young minds, please contact us.

The Renaissance Artist-in-Residence program blends the visual arts with integrated studies in history, culture and civic education, providing art opportunities for 760 elementary students from seven schools this past year. Three high schools completed mural programs involving 66 secondary students, too.

Based on ASD teacher Janice Altieri’s book, An Allentown Adventure, 4th and 5th grade students from Dodd, McKinley and Ramos visited historical sites and cultural landmarks, learning about their city and expressing it through the art of field drawing. 

The ASDF supports many Music programs, providing opportunities for students to learn to play and to perform. Elementary students are exposed to the Flutophone with the hope of inspiring their interest in learning to play violin, viola, cello, brass, woodwind and percussion instruments. The Lines and Spaces Summer Camp meets for two weeks to keep elementary musicians engaged. 

Secondary Programs

For the 5th year, the ASDF has supported National History Day for ASD secondary students resulting in research-based exhibits, papers, websites, performances and documentaries on historical topics.  453 ASD students prepared NHD projects this year. 28 students competed at regionals, and 6 students went on to the state competition.  

The Science Fair teaches students the scientific method of inquiry and discovery as they develop original projects and prepare to compete in the largest intra-district science fair in the Valley. More than 1,600 students from Allen, Dieruff, Trexler, Raub, Harrison-Morton and South Mountain participated in the 5th annual ASD Science Fair and 120 students competed in the PA Junior Academy of Science program.  

Allentown DRIVE is the name of a baseball program designed to recruit middle schoolers to the mound and diamond each spring. Almost 200 students try out each year, with about 60 students selected for their middle school teams. Players practice the basics of the game while simultaneously learning the values of integrity, dedication and hard work. Coca-Cola Park hosts the championship game.

The ASDF funded a MS Videography program in spring of 2017. Twenty Trexler students created videos featuring aspects of their school. Students learned to storyboard, conduct interviews, videotape and edit – essential skills in the digital age. 

The MS Strings program supported 20 string musicians at Raub MS in 2017-2018, providing weekly meetings with professional string muscians and the opportunity to play weekly as an integrated group. The program continues learning for young musicians from the ASD’s 14 elementary schools as they transition to middle school.

Middle school students learn Latin dances like the salsa, merengue and bachata each year as part of the Latin Dance Competition. The program culminates in a head-to-head dance competition between the middle schools in November.

Grants & Scholarships

The ASDF is the custodian of the Allentown School District Endowed Scholarship Program that provides scholarships to college-bound seniors at WAHS and DHS. In 2018, 65 scholarships were awarded, totaling more than $51,000. The ASDF also awards annual Summer Camp Scholarships from the Allentown Municipal Golf Course, the Baum School of Art, Community Music School, Da Vinci Science Center, Ellie Escher Vocal Intensive, LCTI, Oakmont Tennis Club, X-Cape Dance Studio, YMCA, YWCA and more. Since 2012, the Foundation has funded Teacher Innovation Grants (TIG) for unique, creatively compelling enrichment projects. To date, almost $100,000 has been allocated to 103 innovative educators.  The 2017-2018 TIG cohort is as follows:TIG Recipients


Students and their accomplishments are showcased throughout the year, with support from the Foundation. The Academic Showcase, Performance on the Plaza, Art-in-the-Park, Mayfair and many others offer opportunities to celebrate excellence throughout the year. The Academic Showcase is in its 5th year. The best of the best is on display with students happy to stand and deliver, telling of their academic accomplishments. 

The signature fundraising event for the ASD Foundation is HIGH NOTES, the dinner and student revue held annually at Miller Symphony Hall. Net proceeds support the operations of the ASDF as well as gifts for each middle and high school performance group. This year at HIGH NOTES, there was a 26-member student pit, composed of instrumental musicians from Allen and Dieruff. A total of 125 students participate in this special production. Students were rewarded with a Broadway trip to see Hello Dolly on June 20.

Thank You

To our many individual and corporate donors, we thank you for your support, which enables the Foundation to provide many more opportunities for more student success. Learn more: www.allentownsd.org/asdf. Or call, 484-765-4121.

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