The Allentown School District Foundation works with the guidance counselors at ASD high schools to increase the number and value of senior scholarships available to recognize and reward achievement.  In June 2019, 69 scholarships were awarded to recipients at William Allen High School, Louis E. Dieruff High School and Building 21.

An endowed scholarship (>$10,000) is one in which the gift is invested and a portion of the income is awarded as the scholarship. Because the principal cannot be expended, the scholarship will be awarded in perpetuity. An endowed scholarship may be named by the donor. Expendable scholarships are those in which the gift, or a portion determined by the donor, is awarded annually. All scholarship funds are managed by a professional fund manager, supervised by the ASDF Finance Committee. For more information on scholarship opportunities with the ASDF or please contact Susan L. Williams, Executive Director, at 484-765-4093 or

ASDF Scholarships